Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Frozen world character concept.

Just wanted to get some feedback on this design. She is stout and heavily built for the harsh (also high gravity) environment she lives in. Kinda the beginnings of this world I've had in my mind for a long time. Hopefully more to come...


  1. very nice Sami I like the style of this picture. There is a bit of contrast between the details or sharpness of the face and the clothes. The pic very much represents your description I totally see this in any documentary about eskimos or first people or something! Great job, lets discuss your work process next time I would be really interested. C ya

  2. Hoo, cool! I kinda have the same thing to say about her face. It's really sharp and I think the chest and the area near the head should also be a bit sharper getting smoother when further away. Also the gap between the eyes seems a bit long, not sure if this is intended?

    Values are super awesome and the sturdy build of the lady, the spiky pattern in her belt and the sweater also really fits the design well. About the clothes her chest seems to be too naked, considering her head, feet and hands are covered with this fur. Maybe make the fur continue from the hood to the side of the shirt or something like this. That would probably cover some of the lovely boobs we all love, but it probably works better in this context. :)

    Anyway, definetely cool stuff man. Hope to see more of this world you were mentioning!

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah I can see the problem with the face related to the rest of her now. I worked on the face a lot more than the rest of her. I wanted her to look a bit different than humans, but not too alien. The eyes are a bit far apart and this was a decision I made, because the face is pretty wide. Originally I wanted the nose to be pretty flat and wide, but couldn't get it quite right. Maybe that makes it look even more that the eyes are too far apart. She definitely will need some more clothes if she is to venture out in the world, she was wanted to pose in her "better" outfit :D And yes, difinitely more to come, I already have some architectural sketches and other stuff...