Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Theme #9: Saltwater Town + Something

Ugh, I grew tired of this one. The things in the pillars are meant to be saltpiles that dry and get attached.

Anyway, the last time in the meeting I did some random thumbnails, and we also tried out a thumbnailing session with Szabi and Ulysse. Basicly we decided a subject which was a "warehouse", and then all of us made four 10-minute thumbnails of the subject.

We could (and I think should) make this kind of excercises in the future meetings. For example pick a subject, go through and sketch out from reference for 15-30 minutes, and after that start doing 15-minute thumbnails, and everytime after a thumbnail is done look through the reference material again.

The goal would be to practice for at least an hour with the whole group, people could of course do their own stuff still after and before it. And there are a lots of possibilites how and what to practice with a group. Tell me what you guys think of this, are you interested?

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  1. I think the thumbnailing session was the greatest idea lately, I have learned so much in just few minutes. I ve got a lot of advices from Vablo and Ulysse (thanks a bunch) and my mistakes (story, composition, perspective, lights etc) were exposed immediately. The conclusion of our mistakes is the efficient way to improve. Better in 10 min than after two days of working on the details:)

    I say lets do it again next week!!!

    Hyvää Fishfruit!