Thursday, November 10, 2011

Frozen Alien Fortress

Here is my Frozen Alien Fortress. Wanted it to look desolate and epic. To be honest, I'm not really that happy about it. I worked on it for way too long and kinda lost my original idea. Please, rip it apart and critisize! I want to learn from it :)


  1. Hey! This looks cool! The only suggestion I have would be to give it more space, the composition is slightly cramped :)

  2. Its nice, like it! I would have added some other material or textures(cracks, rust, holes, colors etc.) on the surfaces. It looks like the whole thing is built from one material and looks too solid...(well its a fortress after all:) hope u see what i mean! Thanks for sharing

  3. Nice man! The trail works really well and the spiky things surrounding it in giving scale. The perspective is also nice and the mountain rising from the center in the background.

    Some critique then. There could be more values involved in the picture maybe and some variation in the structure. Also the right down spot of the picture seems empty, maybe do some landscape or something there to give it more values.

    Anyways, good job mate!