Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am struggling with faces , tryin to improve my skills on them ,
not really happy about the results , this is one out of many others I have made in this last few days ,
so I pick the last one and posted it here , we got to fish up !


  1. I like it, the proportions are nice! Try using a bit harder brush on some areas like the eyelids to make the face pop out. Also, I'm wondering about the thick white and dark-grey lines going on her chin to the ear, they are a bit flat :)

    Otherwise, I think it has character and good values :)

  2. hehe thanks , Actually , on the original picture , there were too many " cool effect " on the bottom of the picture that alterates the actual values , so there were some pretty strange things going on . But I think that you are right on every point you mention , thank you : )

  3. I find that mirroring your portrait horizontally every now and then helps to spot mistakes you'd otherwise miss. Either flip Horizontal in PS or use a mirror in real life. :)

    Self-portraits using a mirror is of course one of the best ways to practice drawing faces. It's something you're most familiar with, so you will easily see if something's off.

  4. yes I always put a shortcut in photoshop to flip my canvas , it s really usefull :)