Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekly Theme #4: Waveleaper & #5: Magic User VS Warrior

Something for the two themes and also studies/sketches/whatnot. I think I will try to push the Mage VS Warrior- thingie to a final image, feel free to comment and critique! :)

Remember guys, sketches and all that are also welcome with the themes and in general. Fish up!


  1. Good work man! Maybe there should be more movement in the mage/warrior image. At the moment it looks like the warrior is slowly gliding through the air. Other than that, its ace. Nice composition and I like the complimentary colours on the characters.

  2. Hey! I really like the environmental picture. Great atmosphere and color.

    It seems like the mage should look a bit up in the last picture. Now I feel like his sight is going past the warrior :)

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  4. Great job! In the environmental pic I feel the hot, dusty air and the sunset or late afternoon. I agree with Minna, the mage hasnt spotted the warrior yet:). Also the warrior hangs in the air strange. I cant really see how the warriors right leg is positioned. I guess its straight but it would give more sense of motion if one of the legs would be bent.
    Just tiny details...
    I really like them all and trying to study them and learn from them! thanks for sharing!!!!